Inadequate relationship between parties

26 February 2017

A client and a contractor have to want, and be able, to work together and be willing to make concessions for the other. Although this seems obvious, there are still many clients who operate a ruthless purchasing mentality towards contractors, or suppliers with euro signs in their eyes. In larger projects it is not possible to anticipate every disagreement, and some give and take will be necessary on a regular basis. Waving contracts and threatening with lawsuits won’t be of any help.

A good contract manager is constantly aware of the various parties’ interests and also understands that there is mutual dependence. Being too strict in the beginning will have a return at some point. In this regards, procurement often plays a difficult role. When the contract manager or client and the supplier have reached an agreement, procurement comes into play, to prove their right to exist, and puts the supplier through the mangle again. Naturally, this only works once (per supplier).