APMS is a consultancy firm which centres on project management support. Due to our years of experience, we are a recognised authority across a wide variety of technical and industrial sectors. We offer both quality and results, delivered in our clear, direct, no-nonsense approach.

Our working method safeguards our reliability. Your project will be handled with the utmost care. This reliability is also expressed in our transparent and genuine agreements. At APMS, we always do what we promise. This reliable and straightforward approach permits us to arrive at the most appropriate and efficient solution for your project.

Nic Alkema
Nic Alkema is APMS’s principal. His experience and expertise, carefully honed over many years, will guarantee you a successful completion and/or implementation of your (interim) projects and contract management agreements. Nic embodies reliability, analytical prowess, honesty, patience and determination.

APMS would like to unburden you of the stresses engendered by the various issues facing your organisation. We do this by employing the most appropriate, efficient, high-quality and reliable working practices. Our company’s logo perfectly expresses our philosophy; a team/project is pictured being supported from below (and internally) by APMS, symbolised by the green dots.

APMS; your project, our care and endeavour, your solution.

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